Once upon a time, when you needed a Sunday school teacher, a youth group volunteer or a camp counselor, you just recruited someone. When they said, “Yes,” your job was done - no training, no background checks, and little oversight.

Times have changed and parents deserve to know that we have taken the steps to ensure that Verona UMC is a safe sanctuary for their children and youth as they grow in and practice their faith.

In 1996, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church passed a resolution requiring all conferences to adopt policies to safeguard children and youth. Through the program, churches train and certify persons as safe workers with children and youth in United Methodist ministries.

Safe Sanctuaries policies include such things as screening and checking references for paid employees and volunteers; preventing abuse, recognizing signs of abuse and reporting incidents of abuse; making sure insurance coverage is adequate; and developing building usage policies. For the full list, go to http://www.umcdiscipleship.org/leadership-resources/safe-sanctuaries